Eating at our holiday park

Food and organised meals

Of course you can cook meals yourself in our accommodations and we also have a nice outdoor kitchen for common use. Besides this our collection of cottages is daily visited by a baker (april – october), so you can enjoy fresh Portuguese bread or pastries. But we also offer handy breakfast packages and often organize common meals.

Kidsproof vakantie Portugal

“100, 200, 350 degrees Celcius, just right for the first pizza!”

Stone Oven Evening

Starting from ten participating adults, we weekly organise our pleasant Stone Oven Evening. This will most certainly be the case during the spring, summer and autumn holiday periods, but often also takes place in may, june and september. We always take care of our vegetarian guests too and are open to other diets if possible. And above all: afterwards we traditionally organise a `Dive in the Dark´ in our swimming pool. Swimming under the stars with only the underwater illumination working!

In case of a Stone Oven Night, we start lighting up the oven two hours beforehand: adding some wood, 100, 200, 350 degrees Celcius, just right for the first pizza! Or perhaps we start with a tasty appetizer or our Portuguese soup with fresh herbs from the garden! The kids can decorate their own pizza with all kinds of toppings while the parents enjoy a chat and a drink.

Breakfast package

Very handy for the day after your arrival: our breakfast package! We’ll make sure that all food is placed in your accommodation so you can have breakfast whenever it suits you.

The breakfast package consists of: bread / buns, dairy butter, cheese, cut meats, jam, Portuguese honey, fruit, eggs, a box of fruit juice, milk, mineral water, sugar, pepper and salt, 1 coffee cup per adult, a delicious Portuguese bread,  a bag of black tea and a bundle of fresh herbs from our garden to make your own herbal tea.

Restaurants near our holiday park

There are all kinds of nice restaurants in the vicinity of our resort in Portugal. From typically Portuguese restaurants to trendy beach bars. We love to point you in the right direction. Nice harbor towns like Peniche and Ericeira are certainly not to be missed if you’d like some fresh local fish!