Temperate Mediterranean climate

Estremadura and the Costa da Prata in middle Portugal have a temperate Mediterranean climate. Comparable with Tuscany in Italy or the Provence in France, with a slightly more refreshing Atlantic breeze. Holiday Park Quinta Laranja lies in a micro climate, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Serra dos Candeeiros mountain range, and this has many benefits.

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Summer at our holidaypark in Portugal

The average maximum temperature in the summer lies between 25 and 30 degrees. Nice weather for the beach of course but certainly not too hot to do something active.
If it’s hot then easy to refresh at the seaside; if it is not yet warm enough for you then you can drive inland for about 20 minutes! In the summertime there usually is no rain at all.

Autumn in Portugal

Following the summer we usually get… quite a bit more summer. September is a real summer month but even in October we often have real beach weather.
Besides the pleasant weather, the water in the usually quite chilly ocean is at its warmest. We usually start stoking the woodstove in the evenings in the end of
October / beginning November. Although the chance on rain increases quite a bit from this moment, you can still get many beautiful days.

Winter at our holidaypark in Portugal

The winters are mild. It hardly ever freezes except sometimes in the night times some frost on ground level . Snow? Once every fifty years our neighbors say.
We haven’t experienced this ourselves yet! As soon as the sun comes out you can feel its power. Because of this you can often have lunch outside in your t-shirt when we have sunny winter weather at our holidaypark in Portugal. Of course you can have some bad luck too and be here right during that week of bad weather…
Luckily there are plenty of dry things to do and see in Middle Portugal.

Spring at our holidaypark in Portugal

Although there certainly are tree’s in Portugal that shed their leaves in the winter time, they never do this all at the same time.
The first grape vines even start sprouting in January. In that month it can sure be cold at night, but in February we usually already feel that spring is in the air.
The valley is beautifully coloured by the blooming clovers and in the daytime the temperature sometimes climbs to 20 degrees. Of course it can still be pretty cold as well.
In March usually the cold is really over and, just like in April, you’ll bring your sunglasses as well as your raincoat. And in May? Summer is knocking on the door again!