About us

Bem-vindo, or welcome!

We are Loes and Jeroen van Elswijk, Dutch owners of small scale Holiday Park Quinta Laranja in Portugal. Ever since we bought our former winery in Portugal we still enjoy this wonderful spot! The first ten years after our emigration, we lived at the terrain of Quinta Laranja itself, in the holiday home that´s now called Casa da Varanda. Together with our daughters Leila Blue (2006), Goa (Portugal, 2009) and of course our cat Nina and our sheep, we had a great time there. But small girls grow up so fast! In Portugal, children already go to a sort of high school at the age of ten. That school wasn´t around the corner and neither were swimming lessons and gymnastics. Therefore in 2016 we moved to a nice green neighbourhood of the town of Caldas da Rainha, close to the park. Just a 15 minute drive from Quinta Laranja and never a traffic jam!

Kidsproof vakantie Portugal

“Ever since we bought our former winery in Portugal we still enjoy this wonderful spot!”

Emigration to Portugal

Before we emigrated to Portugal, we lived in The Hague in the Netherlands where we first worked as travel guides. Later on Loes was a Human Resource Representative and Jeroen worked as a Youth Care Counselor. In those years we traveled around the world on our own for fun, from paddling a canoe trough the Amazons to cycling in Africa. Although all these journeys were quite adventurous on their own, our biggest adventure was yet to come: emigrating to Portugal! We started an extensive preparation, bought our Quinta and moved to Portugal a year later.