Studio Palheiro

Up to 4 persons

Holiday in the hills of Estremadura…

Studio “Palheiro” is an old barn that we transformed into a cozy accommodation. The studio offers room for two adults as well as two kids and has a typically Portuguese porch with an outdoor kitchen. The spacious terrace on the patio has great vistas over the valley and country side.

Kidsproof vakantie Portugal

“Live the outdoors!”

Food and cooking in this accommodation

Studio Palheiro features a spacious outdoor kitchen underneath the roof of the veranda. Celebrate the outdoor lifestyle! The amenities consist of a kitchen counter with a sink, a dual burner stove and a refrigerator with freezer. Besides this, inside the accommodation, you will find a microwave oven and an espresso machine. Meals can be had both on the terrace or inside at the dinner table.

The bathroom of this studio

Studio Palheiro has a cheerful bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower cabin.

Sleeping in this studio

This accommodation has a unique and romantic double loft bed with a double bed both down as well as up. In most cases children prefer to sleep in the upper bed (what an adventure!) and the parents in the lower bed. When the kids are under the age of 5-6 our guests usually choose to let the kids sleep in the lower bed for safety reasons. On request we can place a baby cot inside the studio (baby package). For this purpose we have arranged a specific corner and placed a curtain to partially separate the babies sleeping space from the rest of the accommodation.

Once you wake up in the morning you can open up the typical Portuguese shutters to enjoy the wide vista’s over the valley and the bird’s chirping!

Seating area and wood stove

In the seating area of Studio Palheiro you’ll find two comfortable chairs and a coffee table. There also is a woodstove that will provide you with a cozy and crisp fire once it gets a little cooler outside the summer months. You will also find a bookshelf with books and magazines.

Terrace of this accommodation

The spacious terrace of studio Palheiro covers about 40 square meters and is situated on our courtyard. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the lazy chairs under the bougainvillea or roll out your beach towel in the shade of the natural stone walls. In the evenings it’s wonderful to enjoy a meal at the four seat dinner table on the porch, while the sun sets behind the hills.

Accommodation with internet

In studio Palheiro there is free wifi to use on your own devices.

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