Heated swimming pool & Kiddie pool

At Quinta Laranja you can enjoy a solar heated swimming pool with separate kiddie pool. These swimming pools are located on a big flat surface together with our playground. They are surrounded by a lawn with sun loungers and enough space to roll out a beach towel. The whole pool area is completely fenced and separated from the playground. Besides, when not in use, the pool is covered with an insulating safety cover. This way we are worry free when it comes to our smallest guests!

“Solar heated swimming pool with separate kiddie pool

Heated pool

Since spring 2018 the water of our pools is solar heated. Over the last years we have learned that if you want to enjoy an outdoor pool in Portugal in spring and autumn, heating is a must. Because of that we decided to install over 40 m2 of solar collectors. Besides, during the night our pool is covered by our automatic safety cover, keeping the pool from cooling down. Therefore, at Quinta Laranja, the water temperature will be around 5-6 degrees celsius higher than that of non heated pools. And that could very well be the difference between swimming and not swimming in spring and autumn!

The main swimming pool

The main swimming pool has a length of 12.5 meters and a width of 5.5 meters. Ideal to play but certainly suitable to swim some lengths! The shallow part of the swimming pool has a depth of 1 meter so smaller kids too can swim here; the deep end has a depth of 1.90. The shallow side of the pool has a so called roman entrance: a crescent shaped stairs that is easily taken by kids as well as less mobile people.

Separate kiddie pool

The separate children´s pool is situated several meters from the main pool and is round with a diameter of 3 meters. The depth is about 35 cm. Ideal for toddlers! One side has an extra broad entrance to easily allow the little ones to enter and exit the pool. This also serves as a nice spot to sit in the water for both children and parents.

A `Dive in the Dark´

Once a week, usually following our Stone oven Evening, we organise a “Dive in the Dark”. Only the underwater lights of the pool are turned on. So when we dive in and look up, the stars look even more magical! Kids and parents alike love this.